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Banana-Free Spring Breakfast Smoothie

Put the orange in the blender. "Pulse" for a few seconds. Add strawberries to desired amount. (allow about 6 oz total per serving!) Blend until desired consistency!

I hate the sweetened or [view it...]

Best Beet Juice!

Juice the beets, apples, and ginger (peeled if you want) and then squeeze the lemon juice in...stir and enjoy!!! MMMM!!!!!!!!!

*I usually use Braeburn or Gala apples, although I have used [view it...]


1. Slice the bananas into thin pieces.

2. Freeze the banana; I do at least 15 hours.

3. Open up the young coconut and put the water into a bowl, scrape the meat out, chop that up and pu [view it...]

Fresh Rolls - Thai Restaurant Style

Chop all of the vegetables, and toss in a mixing bowl. Boil water in a pan at least the width of the spring roll skins. Submerge each skin in the boiling water for a count of 5, then roll each one [view it...]

Fruit Pizza

Depending on the size of your tortilla, you may need more or less of the ingredients listed. First, spread the yogurt over the tortilla, enough to make fruit stick. Then cut the fruit into small e [view it...]

Had to try the Daikon Sprouts

Roughly chop the oranges into a bowl with the sprouts. Toss really well with the freshly scraped out avocado, enough to sort of coat everything in avo-y creamy goodness!

I love this littl [view it...]

Juice Sweetness

Put all ingredients into a juicer. Whisk together and pour into glass. Enjoy this fruity, filling drink!

Serves: 1

Preparation time: 5 mins

[view it...]

Lemon Creme Pie With Carob Nut Crust

Put cashews, almonds, dates and carob powder in processor to combine into breadcrumb-like texture. Add just enough water so that mixture combines. Press mixture into pie plate lined with saran wra [view it...]

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